About us

WORLD EMPIRE PVT. LTD. is a leading and growing real estate organization, reckoning its position among the top-notch developers. This is exemplified by its high-class structures, land developments and services. It is also Uttar Pradesh’s blossoming real estate developer, a company that meticulously cultivates flowers of concrete and glass for commercial and residential use. Each structure follows the pattern of a distinct signature.

Our Vision

To be recognized as a best-in-class construction and reality company in India. Our shareholders, investors and customers are our most important constituency. Our endeavor is to build and create substantial value for all. All projects have to be evaluated in terms of shareholder value. Subsequently, the aim is to extend this value in every brick laid.

Our Mission

OUR MISSION To position World Empire as an Integrated Infrastructure Development Enterprise in the State Capital Region with the highest quality of construction, ethics, business standards, and value creation for shareholders, investors and customers. As an Integrated Development Enterprise we have to view each project macrocosmically - the estimated growth, the expected development and the citizen's needs.

Our Products